About the brand



OxanaINSIDE - is the story of how a dream comes true. And my dream was not born when I was a little girl, even though then I loved to play with dolls, as many of you.

The idea about  creating clothes came to my mind  in my student years. And that was a conscious choice. But I did not start with making clothes ...

Into   the fashion world I entered slowly studying it from all sides: I worked as a stylist in the fashion-photography sessions,  as a fashion columnist, a PR-manager of Ukrainian designers and in Wedding Fashion Week.

Only in 2012 the idea  about the own company an of its name appeared. The year 2013 was the time  of the creation of our logo and the release of the first jacket. In 2014 I had  the first sale. In 2015 a corporate website was created. INSIDE  is  a mix of my life, everything is intertwined here.

My team and I, all we are creating elegant women's jackets and suits of  the pret-a-porter de luxe class. Everything is made in small batches using the finest materials and the mastery of our tailors.

In English “from INSIDE” – means “FROM THE INTERIOR”. The basic philosophy of the brand  is incorporated to its name. These clothes are  designed to show and reveal all the beauty of the inner world of women. After all, we often create our own style and dress clothes based on our own mood and outlook only emphasizing what is  inherent to our nature.

Clothing from INSIDE - is the freedom and reflection of the inner world of beauty!

With the best  wishes for your dreams coming true!

- Oxana Boiarynova